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Our Past Principals
Name of the Principal Tenure
Mr. S. Shamsher Singh --
Mr. Chatterjee --
Mr. Panda --
Mr. H. S. Duggal 19th Sept. 1992
Mrs. J. K. Anand (officiating) 20th Sept. 1992 to 1st Aug. 1993
Dr. Iqbal Singh 02nd Aug. 1993 to 24th June 1996
Mrs. J. K. Anand (officiating) 25th June 1996 to 20th Nov. 1996
Mr. Swaranjeet Singh 21st Nov. 1996 to 26th July 1998
Mrs. J. K. Anand (officiating) 27th July 1998 to 27th April 1999
Mr. N. P. Sastry 28th April 1999 to 31st Oct. 2004
Mrs. J. K. Anand (officiating) 1st Nov. 2004 to 21st Nov. 2004
Mr. C. Terence 22nd Nov. 2004 to 8th April 2007
Mrs. J. K. Anand (officiating) 9th April 2007 to 26th Nov. 2007
Mr. Brahmanand Dwivedi --

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